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June newsletter – 5 tips for a home refresh

The warm weather is rolling in.  It’s really just begun.  What will you do with June? 


1.     Lately I’ve been thinking about how a bowl of lemons and limes brightens one’s kitchen.    

A bowl of citrus could be less expensive than a bouquet of flowers; lasts longer, and it’s edible! 


2.     Laundry Liberation – everyone should do their own laundry.  Period.  This is indeed liberating for the partner - or parent - who is doing all of the laundry.  Stop. When everyone does their own laundry, they get to do it when they want, how they want, and no one is overloaded with housework.  And you get to have that ahhh moment of silence when you mindfully fold your own clothes. 


3.     Playing with paring down.  A new season is a great time to tackle one of Marie Kondo’s 5 categories for tidying:  Clothing, Books, Papers, Komono (misc. tools), and Sentimental. Make a goal: to complete by_____ date.  Fill in the blank with a destination date like your birthday!



4.     Is there a right way to place the toilet paper roll?  Turns out, YES!  There is.  I get such a kick out of putting on the toilet paper roll now “the right way.”  The reason for putting the roll hanging over and not under is because you are less likely to have the toilet paper touch the wall or cabinet where it could contain germs. 


5.     Packing Cubes!  Holy cow, what a difference those make for packing and staying organized.  I recently took a family vacation to Mexico and used packing cubes from Away. It was awesome storing all bathing suits in one soft fabric cube, one cube for underwear, socks and bras, and another for silky items. You can throw them in the washer after using and let them air dry. Here’s a link – 4 cubes for $45- in beautiful colors!


Happy summer!  Email me if you would like to schedule an in-person or virtual tidying session or group of sessions (a tidying festival!). Warmly, Rebecca


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