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A few things I know to be true – July 2024 Marie Kondo-ish Newsletter

1.     Most “No Show Socks” don’t work.


2.     Making your bed and throwing out the garbage will make you feel better.


3.     Decluttering will make you feel better.


4.     Clear kitchen counters will make you feel better.


5.     Gathering all of your make-up and face products and throwing out what is expired, or doesn’t spark joy will make you feel better.


6.     The quickest way to clean your outdoor furniture is to grab a bucket with warm soapy water and one rag and wipe it all down.


7.     Rushing for the train doesn’t work.


8.     Not carrying a baggu or canvas bag doesn’t work.


9.     Forgetting your sunhat, sunblock and sunglasses doesn’t work.


10.  Not making a reservation mostly doesn’t work.


11.  Making a hotel reservation on Expedia doesn’t work (if you need to cancel it you will lose 100% of your money) Book directly from the hotel.


12.  Putting normal size feet in stiletto heels doesn’t work.


13.  Most strapless bras don’t work.


14.  A gratitude list works!


Happy summer!  Remember decluttering helps you know what you have and what you need and don’t need!  It makes you a more conscientious consumer.  Happy not shopping!  Ha!



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