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Rebecca is a natural at this and has such a warm and loving touch. In two, three-hour sessions she helped me part with more items than my mom could convince me to in my entire life. Rebecca was super patient with me when I was struggling to get rid of a lot of stuff and helped me make decisions and say thank you to anything I was discarding or donating. I ended up feeling comfortable with what I kept and what I didn't and she still managed to seriously declutter my room! She's so talented and we had fun while doing it!! Highly, highly recommended!

-Olivia F.  Upper West Side


Rebecca was a miracle worker. She was patient yet efficient and truly upgraded my bedroom by methodically decluttering. She understood the difficulties in letting go of sentimental stuff but was practical and logical about what was necessary. I would recommend Rebecca’s services to anyone looking to find more peace of mind in their space. 10/10 !!!

-Ruby F. Upper West Side

I recently consulted Rebecca to Konmari my winter wardrobe. As a self- described fashion fanatic, I was drowning in fashion and even stepping into my walk in closets started to exhaust me. Rebecca’s approach to konmari was very pragmatic and she offered some great tools and tips for organizing my closet. She was a great sounding board and I never felt judged during the process. I think I’ve regained my zest for fashion and am looking forward to enjoying my pared down wardrobe. I wholeheartedly recommend Rebecca for your Konmari journey. 

-Kayo N. Brooklyn Heights


The whole process has been amazing.  I feel more in control and less stressed!  It is empowering!

-Rachel K. Brooklyn Heights

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