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Some of my favorite green resources...

Q:  Where can I donate clothes, books, furniture, etc.?

A:  Use any of your favorite local thrift stores or try here.


Housing Works



Q: I love buying and owning books, but I’m trying not to use Amazon?

A: Use your local public library!  Buy from indie bookstores! Try one of these!



Q: I’d like to check if my favorite clothing store/brand uses sustainable practices.

A: Check here!


Good On You


Q: Do you have a great resource for sustainable self-care, kitchen and cleaning supplies?

A: Yup! Love these.

Net Zero Co.

Q: How do I safely dispose of old prescriptions?

A: Check here.


Diversion Control Division

US Food & Drug Administration

Q: Do chewable toothpaste tablets really work and taste good?

A: Yes, they do!  And imagine all of the plastic toothpaste tubes you can keep out of the landfill!


Bite Toothpaste Bits

Hive Brands


Q: Where can I recycle electronic waste?

A: Try this site if you live in NYC


NYS Electronic Waste Collection Sites

Also, join your local “Buy Nothing” Facebook group where neighbors are looking for things you have or may have things you need. Nothing can be bought only gifted for free!


From Patricia Marx in The New Yorker, article “Getting Rid of It”…

Recycle your mattress here:


Bras, yes boo!


Fur donations: Peta.

Donate instruments: Band of Angels

For a comprehensive list of places to donate nationwide, visit KonMari's new discarding guide.

Please share your favorite green resources with me!

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