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All the new and groovy things… April Newsletter

It’s officially Spring!  Ahhh, phew!  I recently met up with a number of KonMari (Marie Kondo) consultants from all over the world to discuss decluttering plus sustainability. 


We, of course, discussed reusing, reducing, recycling, etc.  And, I learned a few lovely tips along the way.  Like Furoshiki wrapping.  Furoshiki wrapping is Japanese gift wrapping that is done with a piece of square or rectangular cloth in almost any material: Cotton, linen, silk.  You can use this cloth to wrap gifts, bottles of wine, etc.  It’s a beautiful way to use cloth you may have around the house, (a bandana you no longer wear?)  And a yummy way to wrap a gift without buying and wasting gift paper.


Also, No sew patches, for those of us who want to save a beloved item in need of repair, but don’t seem to get around to sewing one on. 


Try this site or get them on Etsy!


And here is my new favorite bath, laundry, kitchen online shop for all the new groovy things: Laundry sheets, shampoo and conditioner bars, face wash bars, deodorant and lip-balm in paper not plastic!



Oh, and more tips from the KonMari green team: Bamboo drawer dividers, cleaning tablets, Swedish dishcloths and this book! 


Jennie Romer breaks down what can really be recycled and why in simple terms.  She makes science heavy topics super understandable with pictures and diagrams.  Now I get the triangles and recycle #’s.  Tip: Plastic #1 and 2 easier to recycle, 3-7 not so much.  But the biggest takeaway.  Reusing and reducing (buying less) is the number one way we as individuals can make a difference.  Reuse and reduce more so than recycling.


Happy Spring cleaning!  If you want to set up a phone call with me for FaceTime or Zoom, I am now doing one-hour online consulting to teach you the KonMari method of tidying so you can tidy yourself and experience the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up!  Xo Rebecca



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