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Once you work in this method you will be able to tidy as you go without ever having to take it on as a project again. Doing the KonMari Method® is literally a one-time event. 

Marie Kondo’s KonMari method tidies by category (not location) in this order:

1. Clothes

2. Books

3. Papers

4. Komono (miscellaneous - hair products, games, bags, kitchen komono, etc.)

5. Sentimental items (letters, photos, etc.)


Sessions are done in 3 to 6 hour blocks of time - with breaks for stretching, checking phones, snacking, whatever!


The amount of time it takes depends on the person and how much they have. Some clients might finish tidying the entire category of clothes in three hours, while others will need at least six. Same for all of the categories. Your books may take one hour or four.  Some people will want to tidy only one or two categories, while others will want to do the full tidying festival (all 5 categories).   


Cost: $100- an hour for in-person time. $75- an hour for virtual sessions. Package discounts available. For big jobs I bring one assistant.   

Available for workshops and speaking events.  Available for organizing without the 

client on site for non-KonMari organizing.

Call me for a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your organizing needs!

Email: or call 917-679-8503

Instagram:  @Nothingextrabrklyn 

"The clutter is exhausting me!"
overwhelmed from clutter
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