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Rebecca Cohen

Since work-from-home became a thing - we have all been very conscious of the need to declutter as a way to simplify and beautify our home and work-from-home space.


I love helping people find the motivation to tidy. With less stuff comes more space and time for you. It’s the ultimate self-care you can give to yourself!


About me: 

I have always loved everything "Space Clearing" - from Real Simple Magazine to Feng Shui. I love reading: fiction, non-fiction.  My favorite make-over show is Queer Eye!   


I noticed that there are things that I can’t get myself to do without support and guidance; like exercising and cooking. You may be that way about organizing. You want to do it, you know you should pare down, but the thought of doing it alone is painful!


As a tidying expert, my job is to help clients feel a greater sense of calm, order and freedom from having an efficient, tidy home or office. I can teach you the KonMari method of tidying and you will definitely feel lighter and have more room in your life for new hobbies, interests, and joy!

I live in Brooklyn with my second husband and two cats; Wile E.Coyote and Sonny.  But I can work with you virtually anywhere.  

KonMari Method
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