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How decluttering is like a runner's high! October 2022 Newsletter

I guess I’m kind of addicted to the feeling of an orderly space. There have been times that I’ve been called a “clean-freak,” or “OCD” about order, or as women are often gas-lit “crazy.”

Lately (as I get older) I keep thinking, “What if I’m not the crazy one?” What if this just suits me, inspires me, and speaks to me? And how can I share that joy? That runners-high feeling from creating sacred space through decluttering.

I’m sure you can relate to the feeling. Maybe you’ve spent months saying, “Where are my keys?!” Then you create a permanent spot for your keys, and only your keys, and now things start to fall into place.

I keep thinking about the words Nothing Extra. Sometimes having a replacement set of dishes or glassware can overwhelm your kitchen. Extra things living in our cabinets like extraterrestrial beings. Why do we have them? Of course, the answer is: “Just in case.” Which comes from fear. One day all of your glassware may spontaneously combust and you’ll think: “Phew, thank goodness I have this extra set!” But that probs will never happen. So, we can try to let go of some of those thoughts that keep us having too much stuff.

I hope this tidbit inspires you. Now that I have Marie Kondo’d my closet, when I get dressed, I feel like I am literally shopping in my closet, because I love everything in there.

It’s a pleasure to have only what you love, need, want and nothing extra or so-so, or maybe if I lose weight…

And, of course, only having what sparks joy leads to more conscious shopping. It’s all connected. When I shop for food, clothes, houseware – I always ask myself; Do I need, love, want this? Do I already have this? Is this extra? These questions when shopping online or in stores are super helpful for making eco-friendly, mindful decisions about what’s in your home. Your sacred space.

If you need help with order and letting go of stuff let me know, I would love to help!


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