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Not So Bi-Monthly Newsletter - September 2022

Often our WFH (work from home) space ends up having a lot of the category “Sentimental” tossed in the drawers and on your desktop with office Komono (supplies etc.) This is an easy fix.

Empty out all drawers and all parts of your work space and separate the sentimental (mementoes, cards, memorabilia etc.) from office supplies and work.

Put your memorabilia in a box for now. Finish discarding, donating and tidying your WFH space, then on another day, sort through your memorabilia. Pare down, save only what sparks joy, and find a place for it.

When everything has a place there is a sense of order, not only on the outside, but on the inside!

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. If you are single and you want to be in a relationship that includes cohabitation, think about leaving some spaces empty. Sometimes we think if we have an empty cabinet or drawer that we need to fill it. Quite the opposite. If you are looking to co-mingle belongings one day have less and think about the space representing space that someone can join you in. Even if you ultimately move to a bigger space to comingle. Create the space now.

Last month I decided to try organizing my books by color. I was super skeptical of this as I thought they should be divided by fiction and non-fiction. But as an experiment I tried it and my books really popped! The reds and oranges together, blues with blues, black and white. This was a playful exercise and I loved the results!

Wishing you good tidying and much joy!

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