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Manifesting your ideal lifestyle - May 2023 Newsletter

One of my favorite Marie Kondo tenets is one of her six rules of tidying: “imagine your ideal lifestyle.” I keep going back to this when I feel stuck. I can use it each day to decide how I want to feel that day. Calm, engaged, creative…

Before tidying and organizing, imagine your ideal lifestyle. How do you want to feel in your home? I find writing down three adjectives, or journaling about my ideal lifestyle motivates me.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about my grandparents. My grandparents were Sephardic Jews. Their parents and ancestors came to Turkey/Greece by way of Spain (after Spanish-inquisition of Jews).

They took great pride in their homes. They kept neat and tidy homes.

My grandmothers had such sparkling confidence in their homemaking. Their homes were loving and simple and clean – with nothing extra.

It was their domain and they shined. They innately knew the art of living with just what you need.

Is there anyone in your life who has inspired you to keep a tidy home? Any cool life-hacks they taught you? I remember my Grandma Lillie taught me to push buttons with my knuckle so as not to get germs on my fingers! I remember my Grampa Murray taught me that when hanging up button down shirts, you only needed to button every other button (I only button two).

If you have a moment let me know the life-hacks that were handed down to you.

I would love to share them in a list!

Happy May! May your ideal lifestyle continue to motivate and inspire you.


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