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Crossroads - September 2023 Newsletter

Usually in my newsletters I write tips on how you can organize on your own. Because you can do it yourself!

But every once in a while, you enter a new stage in life - or find yourself at a crossroad – and you need someone to help you get over the finish line. Almost to bear witness to what was before and to cheer you on for what will be next.

There is something therapeutic about a home-makeover! (I am on my 7th season of Queer Eye! Love!!)

Whether you do your home makeover on your own or need to hire help, it’s an incredible journey.

There is so much power in discarding – letting go. It makes space both mentally and physically for who you are now. A new season is a great time to envision what’s next for you. What don’t you want to drag into this next season? Maybe it’s papers from a past job; maybe it’s old spices for dishes you used to make; or Tupperware without matching covers; or maybe it’s your jeans that are too high or low waisted.

Or maybe it is all of the above!

Consider a big exciting purge this September. Grab some bags.

1. Donate

2. Discard or recycle

3. Repurpose or repair

I want to recommend this most excellent Feng Shui book, Declutter, by Skye Alexander. Practical bite size tips for decluttering and Feng Shui’ing your home. I find Feng Shui to feel very similar to Marie Kondo’s method KonMari. For me they both encapsulate having calm energy in the home by having less.

Happy tidying!

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