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Winter Wardrobe Refresh – Woot woot! December Newsletter

Here are three things you can do now to refresh your winter wardrobe.

1. If you are like most of my clients, you have a number of items hanging up or in drawers that are in need of some kind of repair that keeps you from wearing them. Take them out of the closet! Maybe they need dry cleaning, hemming, a button, an inside pocket sewn, etc. Put those items in a bag and place the bag by your front door. The next time you go out, bring the bag with you!

2. Move your summer clothes to the back of your closet. If that is easier than packing them up and you have the closet space for it, just gather them up and move them to the back of the closet.

3. Now that your winter wardrobe is more front and center with only wearable items: Either Marie Kondo – by taking everything out and deciding what sparks joy (items that don’t spark joy get placed in a bag for donation and put by front door) or just simply peruse what’s left and go one by one, touching each item to mindfully check in with yourself whether that item sparks joy. The Marie Kondo Method, called KonMari, is The Full Monty method – and quite rewarding! But, if it seems like too much, and you want to save time – by all means, with your clothes still in the closet, go one by one to pare down.

And since it’s cold, don’t forget to layer! Your favorite button down will look fab with a sweater pulled on top. Your favorite skirt is asking for some cool new winter tights and boots. Your fave dress would like a long sleeve t-shirt underneath it please.

P.S. I am having a 25% off winter sale on KonMari’ng your fall and winter wardrobe. Call me to schedule. I KonMari on Thursdays – Sundays. :)


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