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Love & Order – March Newsletter

I’m transitioning to mostly online only decluttering. A one-hour virtual consultation to inspire your decluttering goals!


Hello friends, current and past clients:


Wow, sometimes a month or two goes by and we have huge life shifts – good stuff happens, bad stuff happens, we ask ourselves questions: How did I get here? (David Byrne)


I’ve been doing some reflection on my work as a Marie Kondo Consultant (KonMari Method of tidying).  I pursued MK work during Covid.  All of us surrounded by our four walls, wanting more beauty.  For me, beauty in my home has always meant having less.


I’ll jump to the point – and thank you for sticking with me!  I am going to transition from being an in-person KonMari consultant to online-virtual tidying expert/consultant.  I think I can offer more by speaking with you over Zoom and FaceTime in less time.  I think more people might be interested in a one-hour consult/conversation to motivate them to cure their problem areas in their home and workspace. 


There is so much value in “less is more”.  MK’s tidying philosophy is grounded in powerful systems.  And I am also interested in other decluttering methods: Minimalism, Feng Shui, Zero Waste, and how we put these all together.


I’ll still be sending out a monthly newsletter of thoughts, tips and life-hacks for tidying.  I hope my sharing will be more expansive as I grow and learn.


Ultimately, I’d like to share my love and desire for “Less is More,” via speaking engagements, blogs, and one-on-one tidying consulting online.


Last week, I listened to Brene Brown’s podcast: Unlocking Us with Brene Brown.  The discussion Brene has with her sister Barrett is on Living into Our Values.  On page 3, of her downloadable handout, she lists about 120 Values – they are words that represent who we really are and what our values are. 


The idea is to pick four or five of these values and then whittle them down to two that really represent you.  It gives you a glimpse into what your predominant values are and what drives you.  Brene’s were Faith and Curiosity.  You can see that clearly if you know Brene’s books, such as “The Power of Vulnerability” and “Daring Greatly”.


My words were Love & Order.  I wanted to share that with you.  I found the exercise interesting. Here’s a link to the podcast.


It’s almost officially Spring and I’m wishing you energizing Spring Cleaning, space-clearing and joy! 


Love, Rebecca

 P.s. Less is more in your inbox, too!  So, if you would like to Unsubscribe, please reply Unsubscribe.  My feelings won’t be hurt.  :)


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Mar 03
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Rebecca and I have only had an initial conversation. What she shared was amazing and I am now going to schedule a full consultation. The beauty is, I am 3000 miles away but facetime tells it all walking around my house, she sees the window to my soul (i.e., clutter) and I am so excited to simplify. 100% worth it! Cindy

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