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Picking a Date for Motivation - July 2023 Newsletter

I try to keep these monthly newsletters short, because hey, it’s not brain surgery. We’re just talking about decluttering to feel less stressed. But, while not very difficult, it is super important to our well-being. We are all overwhelmed and having less stuff de-stresses us!

One way to get motivated to begin your “tidying festival,” as Marie Kondo calls it, is to pick a date to complete it by. Whether you hire an MK consultant, professional organizer, or do it yourself – a “Complete by blank…” is a great way to get excited about your project.

Maybe it’s by September 1, or New Year’s, or when your sister is coming to visit, or before the kids get back from sleep-away camp. Starting now, pick a date somewhere between 2 weeks to 3 months to finish.

Whether you work with an organizer or on your own, start here: Write down your ideal lifestyle. How do you want to feel in your home? How do you want it to look? What are three adjectives to describe how you want to feel in your space? Once you have the vision, you can begin.

Always begin with decluttering – that means getting several bags – one for donation, one for repair (bring to dry cleaners etc.), one for trash, and one for recycling (paper or textile recycling).

Once you’ve filled several bags, let the weight of those bags affect you.

Decluttering is an incredible way to become a more conscientious consumer. Having a lot of stuff is stressful – but once we declutter, we will have an internal reminder not to overload again.

Happy decluttering in July!

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10 de jul. de 2023
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Great short tips! Thanks Rebecca!

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