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My five favorite cleaning and organizing tips for a happier you! November Newsletter

1. Good morning! Open your windows for fresh air and make your bed! Open the curtains, raise the blinds, let the natural light in. Hello vitamin D. Good morning sunshine!

2. Use a glass spray bottle or an almost empty plastic spray bottle. Easily make your own all-purpose counter spray. Use Seventh Generation dish soap (earth friendly but strong), then I make it up from there – white vinegar, a pinch of alcohol, water, your favorite aromatherapy oil like eucalyptus, lavender, orange oil, lemon, whatever!

3. I recently read LOVE LAUNDRY by Patric Richardson. I know what you are thinking! Really?! A book on laundry?! The author was funny and smart – a fashionista who wanted to wash his laundry properly without over-spending on dry cleaning. So, this is the big take-away: Use the warm cycle on all! Yes, all - darks, whites, lights, towels. Warm water breaks down the soap, and it only stays on warm for a few minutes before it runs on cold.

And use the short cycle- save time and money. Our clothes do not need to be run through the wringer for over an hour.

4. Bad mood? Cranky? Angry? Slogging? Make a cup of tea and do a little deep cleaning. Pick one much-needed job such as the bathroom or kitchen or floors. Woot woot!

5. Final and best chill out time for you…Fold your laundry Marie Kondo style. Slowly, deliberately, meditatively, lovingly. Take your time, breathe, enjoy the simplicity of it. Fold all clothes in a rectangle, running your hands over the clothes like an iron. Then fold over: once, twice or in thirds.

Happy fall! Thanks for reading!


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