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Fun Books for your summer! – Almost August 2023 Newsletter

Maybe your current summer beach reading list doesn’t include books on tidying? Ha!

But, maybe it should. I have two big fun read recommendations for you.

First, Marie Kondo’s the life-changing manga of tidying up.” It’s a graphic novel that turns her best-selling life-changing magic of tidying up book into a manga Marie working for a new client, Chiaki Suzuki.

Chiaki is a successful young woman whose house is a mess. She is busy, shops a lot, and doesn’t know where to start decluttering. She has a bad habit of collecting ex-boyfriend’s hobbies in her closet. In swooshes Marie, the tidying fairy, who doesn’t mess around. I bought this book for my artist daughter who is 24, but I had to read it myself.

This is an excellent gift for a teen or young adult or anyone who digs graphic novels. And also, for you! Big fun on the beach. All the Marie Kondo information in a quick and easy read.

Next, I read Fumio Sasaki’s, “Goodbye, Things: The New Japanese Minimalism.” The cover is pretty alluring, but the title makes me laugh out loud! Goodbye, Things!

Fumio shares that he is not an organizing guru – he is fond of Marie and her work, but in his own personal journey to declutter, he found minimalism to be his calling.

Fumio, a young successful editor, was overwhelmed by stuff – but beyond that, his collections, which were intended to prove how well read and film savvy he is, seemed to keep him in a perpetual state of comparing himself to others. He was drowning in things that were supposed to help his confidence but did just the opposite: reminding him of what he felt he was lacking.

But, when Fumio went next-level Marie to minimalism, it increased his confidence and happiness. This book was a joy to read!

Wishing you happy reading and tidying this summer! Xo Rebecca

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