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Decluttering everything, like literally, everything - January newsletter

I often think about how Feng Shui and KonMari (the Marie Kondo method) can be applied to every area of your life. It’s like throwing out the garbage and making a fresh start!

Sometimes things and people no longer spark joy.

Decluttering can be applied to every area of your life. This week, I decluttered my contact list in my phone and email. It felt so good to delete or let go of ex beaus, old job contacts, people who no longer spark joy.

But another benefit is rediscovering old friends who you remember fondly and do spark joy. I just added a bunch of you to this email list!

The holiday season is always a good time to reflect on how things went last year; what we want to leave behind us and what we want more or less of going forward. One great addition to your New Year’s goals would be to decide to live with less in order to feel more fulfilled.

I know I’m obsessed with this topic! But it doesn’t get old for me. I keep seeing how having less, and surrounding ourselves - in our homes and work space - with only things that spark joy, makes life so much simpler, cleaner, easier, and more refreshing!

I’m going to keep choosing the reset button, ha! I hope you will join me this New Year’s in donating, discarding, deleting and choosing who and what sparks joy for you! Call me if you need help/support!

“Bye, bye stuff!”

Happy New Year and happy decluttering all!

Xo Rebecca


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Unknown member
Jan 03

Happy New Year for you, Rebecca! I regularly declutter my phone contacts and it feels really good. Yesterday I decluttered my clothes because I had bought some warmer clothes and couldn't fit them anymore... now I feel better and will later bring the donations to the Goodwill.


Laura Landman
Laura Landman
Dec 31, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

So true! This is a good reminder to keep banking positive experiences in the new year. ❤️

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