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Bi-Monthly Newsletter! August 2022

Hello past and current KonMari clients!

I thought I would start a bi-monthly newsletter to check in and offer tips on organizing and tidying. Thank you for helping me begin my KonMari journey. This week I had my first male client! Big fun!

One theme I have noticed is that a lot of clients have "Projects." Sometimes our best intentions for projects that include being environmentally sustainable never get done. I think this can have a cluttering/chaotic effect: Lot's of "to do" projects sitting around with best intentions. One bit of advice I would offer is to ask yourself, truthfully, will I do this project? Do I want to do this project? Does doing this project spark joy? If the answer to those questions is no, thank yourself for being honest, and donate or dispose of the project. You will be so grateful for the Space Clearing!

Another thing I have been thinking about is the importance of asking yourself what category in your home is currently causing stress or not sparking joy. Is it a lack of counter space in the kitchen (due to kitchen komono) to cook and set up meals easily, is it where you sit to enjoy your coffee, is it your linen closets overflowing? That will help you decide what's next for you to declutter.

Last, I want to recommend a book I recently read, "The Afrominimalist's guide to living with less." Marie Kondo's book and this book have a lot in common. But, Christine Platt's book asks you to dig a little deeper in assessing where holding onto things in your life has come from. Knowing why we hold onto things that don't spark joy is helpful in letting more go. The book also addresses our need to shop, and consume. We don't just wake up one day with a habit of buying a lot of clothes that we don't need online. Being mindful of these habits will truly allow you to accept them and make small changes (or big!).


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