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Stepping back to see things differently - June 2023 Newsletter

I like to think if I were a SuperHero I would be “The Decluttering Maven.”

I’d swoop down, flying, of course, and swoosh aside all objects that are extra or unnecessary.

However, the other day while cleaning my kitchen, I noticed that I had two bulky plastic water pitchers on my counter. As well as not sparking joy, why did I have two?

So, I instantly swooshed one aside: goodbye extra object! You do not spark joy, you are unnecessary, you are extra.

Having extra doesn’t support me in achieving my ideal lifestyle of living with less for the sole purpose of having more space, calm and order. After the extra pitcher was gone, I looked around for other kitchen items that could be donated or discarded or kept in a pantry or kitchen drawer. When my counters were emptier, I felt so much better.

A common category of having too many lies in many of my clients’ beds and couches. The enormous number of pillows and throws can overwhelm a space that should be your refuge.

If this is you, go look at your couch and bed right now and see them anew with less!

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